Križevci and Nagyatad co-operation

Co-operation between Križevci and Nagyatad started in 2002 on the initiative of town mayors, due to similar economic and social background and small geographical distance. In the beginning it included only exchange of delegations during manifestations. In 2004 the co-operation expanded on sport and culture, through Nagyatad Sport Games and Krizevci Festival. In April 2006 official Co-operation Agreement has been signed. The co-operation further expanded in the field of economy in 2006 through joint EU funded project ”Developing the Cross border Co-operation Model between Business Parks” (BP Net), with the value of 667.684 EUR, improving cross-border co-operation between regional supporting structures for SMEs.

As both towns have significant natural and cultural heritage and complementary touristic attractions, joint development of touristic infrastructure and programmes is the following step in this cross-border friendship. In April 2010 possibilities for intensifying co-operation in tourism were discussed during regular collaboration visit. It was established that there is significant lack of touristic infrastructure in both towns and great need to improve promotional activities. New meetings were held in February 2012, when the project idea was upgraded and finalized. Project has been submitted to 3rd call for proposals within the IPA Cross-Border Co-operation Programme Hungary-Croatia 2007-2013. Decision on selection of project for funding has been received in the end of 2012.

This project will help maintaining existing programmes and structures and creating new aspects of co-operation in the field of tourism, as well as make foundations for further economic co-operation.