New cultural-touristic programmes

Skaville festival

Within the project Vinak the activity named ”development and promotion of new cultural tourism programs ” has been planned, with the aim of encouraging creativity among young people and support the joint development of tourism. With regard to the development of alternative culture for young people in Križevci in order to promote cultural tourism programs for youth within Skaville festival a series of events in the period 10 to 13 July 2014 was held, such as:

  1. Fresh Wood Sculptures Festival

  2. Sports-recreation and cultural program Crosscity Buckets

  3. Workshop on juggling, hula hoop, a acrobalans and performances of circus skills

  4. Concerts of ska music

Photo exhibition in Nagyatad

Town of Nagyatad announced a competition for amateur photography on the theme of natural beauties and values and the life of nature, in the following categories:

  1. People and Nature

Photos representing contacts between people and nature, role and responsibility towards nature.

  1. Animals and the Environment

Photos that represent habitats and show contacts between human and animal life.

  1. Animals Face to Face

Micro and macro photographies of wildlife in their natural environment. Portraits of animals from small to large.

  1. World plants

Photos of plants in nature, showing their beauty and the specificities of the natural environment.

  1. Natural and Cultural Landscapes

Photos representing specificities, harmony, wild and unspoiled landscapes.